EP Corner: Patersani – ‘From You, From Here’

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The streets are bathed in golden rays, the leaves are green and Kelvingrove Park is full of middle aged men with their taps aff. Yes, summer has finally arrived in Glasgow. And just in time comes the perfect musical accompaniment: local quartet Patersani‘s EP From You, From Here.

The summery vibes are front and center from the off. Opening track ‘Ella Ella‘ bops and bounces from verse to chorus like a happy bee from flower to flower. The staccato guitar plucking in the verses is a particular highlight, having been given the freedom to do so by the pulsating, driving bass riff and drum rhythm. The chorus is a more expansive affair, with soaring, playful vocals.

Some Other Guy‘ offers a more subdued, introspective perspective. It would be easy for ‘Some Other Guy‘ to feel stodgy and arthritic, what with its reduced tempo, but this actually allows more space for all the instrumentation to shine. Though it is quite different from the rest of Patersani‘s material, this song actually stands out as perhaps the highlight of the EP.

There’s more of a country, folk feel to large sections of the penultimate track, ‘Planets‘, but also traces of their Kings of Leon based influences. It’s not the strongest song on the EP, but it gets by thanks to some bubbly bass guitar work which leads the listener on a delightful dance from verse to chorus and back again.

Bound‘ is the EP’s crescendo, which hits all the classic beats of an outro track. After the second chorus all the layers of sound are torn away to expose the vocals and a simple guitar riff. Slowly, carefully, layers of instruments are added back in and the song blossoms like a flower. There’s a reason this kind of track is always found at the end of a record – they just work really well.

From You, From Here is a really enjoyable listen. The tracks are energetic and snappy, ad the short running time means that by the end of ‘Bound‘, you’re ready to listen to the whole thing again. You’re rewarded for doing so as well, on each listen there are more details to pick up on and appreciate.

Time to take it down the park to see what the taps aff brigade think of it.