EP Corner: folda – ‘lust’

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Edinburgh four piece folda are a band who pride themselves on a brand of dark pop with a natural flow, which I find makes folda’s music very easy to listen to while remaining complex and and engaging with each listen. Today their debut EP lust is released, so lets tuck in.

From start to finish, lust is full of confidence and ambition. Despite the band’s “dark pop” tag, opener ‘unspoken’ is actually quite light and summery. I sometimes worry that new bands attempting to incorporate a large number of synthetic and electronic parts will come off sounding cheap, but the production on ‘unspoken’ (and the EP as a whole) is stunning; enriching and enhancing the excellent musical performances of the band.

in writing’ is by far the catchiest track on the EP, and it is easy to see why it was selected as the first single to be released from lust. The verses aren’t overcrowded, they’re kept sparse but elegant, while the choruses snatch at offbeats, creating a wonderful contrast. I feel like the last minute of the song drags a little, but there’s still enough detail in there to keep you interested.

Displaying the breadth of their talents, folda then take things down a notch for the title track, ‘lust’. The highlight of the song is the syncopated guitar riff that emerges around one minute fifty seconds in. It’s a refreshing palate cleanser which ensures the listener doesn’t get bogged down, and works well.

The EP closes with ‘not going’, the most brooding of the four tracks, and the closest to the house music genre the band flirt with throughout lust. A classic outro track, ‘not going’ begins feeling taut and purposeful before crescendoing to a close. However it does so with a twist. Rather than dramatically eru pting, there is a subtle increase in the energy of the drums and the layers of sound over time so that the finale creeps up on you and washes over you before you realise what is about to happen.

To put it simply, I think lust is brilliant. Debut releases are rarely so well refined and focused. Usually at this stage of their careers, bands are finding their feet, exploring a variety of sounds and are a little rough around the edges. Not folda. This is a band with massive potential, who have made a huge statement of intent with this EP.