EP Corner: Tidal Babes – ‘OMG’

Tidal Babes OMG

The new EP OMG from Los Angeles trio Tidal Babes is 20 minutes of sun drenched, dirty beach-pop that will add a lively and lighthearted soundtrack to your summer vacation.

Tidal Babes OMG

Opening and title track ‘OMG‘ shows off funky bass and playful lyrics, setting up the laid back vibe of the EP before leading into the power-pop guitar riffs of ‘Hang‘ and then the catchy chorus of ‘Tamagotchi‘, full of energy and heart.

Bam‘ is accompanied by a video packed with electric vibes, fitting perfectly with such an upbeat, cheerful road trip anthem that radiates the energy of sunny skies and palm trees.

Closing the EP, ‘Gay For You‘ is a slower, more vulnerable track. Honest, confessional lyrics replace the more cocky lyricism of the other songs, while still maintaining the same tongue-in-cheek energy. It’s a nice closer, and a good reminder that maybe this power-pop trio can be more versatile than the other tracks on OMG would suggest.

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