Single: PVRIS – ‘Death Of Me’

PVRIS Death Of Me

After almost two years of radio silence, synth rock band PVRIS have made a triumphant return, rising from the dead (pun intended) with a brand new single and video, having signed to Warner Records.

The new track ‘Death Of Me‘ is the first piece of music from the group since the release of their 2017 sophomore album All We Know Of Heaven, All We Need Of Hell and it shows some clear and impressive growth.

PVRIS Death Of Me

From the moment lead singer Lynn Gunn’s voice breaks through the dramatic synth with a shout of “This love looks like a loaded gun” it is clear that the trio’s two year break did not go to waste.

The song’s strong emotional lyrics, deep bass and – as described by Lynn – “seductive grittiness” all create an aura of the twisted dark art that PVRIS are so fond of. That is only added to by the accompanying video which is littered with “references to the occult and divination” and overall has “uncertain, tense and subliminal visual themes“.

PVRIS put their hearts and minds into everything they create, making not just music but visual masterpieces imbued with the creative energy that makes them so special.

After incredibly impressive debut and sophomore albums, tours with huge bands, slots at some of the worlds biggest festivals and now this single, PVRIS are in perfectly poised to release a third album which will truly take them to whole new heights.


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