Single: Punching Swans – ‘Cliff Face’

Punching Swans Cliff Face

If I were tell you of a new single – taken from an album where each song represents a fictional serial killer – by a band who were initially formed as a dare to play a Twin Peaks theme night and take influences from anything from Sonic Youth all the way to The Evil Dead movies you would probably have no idea what to expect.

The single I’m talking about is the new Punching Swans track, and what you get is a large scale, very theatrical story with twists, turns and an immense spirit.

Punching Swans Cliff Face

Each song from their new album Faces represents a serial killer, each with a unique face, featuring tracks like ‘Grater Face‘ and ‘Blood Face‘. However this newest single is titled ‘Cliff Face‘, about a murderer who “kills his victims by throwing them off cliffs“.

It may not be everybody’s cup of tea, but there’s absolutely no denying the pure creativity and uniqueness that runs through the veins of the punchy two minute punk tune. The accompanying DIY horror movie style music video just adds to the strong and intensely imaginative vibe of the track, it’s well worth checking out.

The fast drums, intense vocals and heavy guitar riffs all act as watercolours to create a track that paints a dark, yet enthralling story absolutely packed with life and feeling.


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