Single: Dream State – ‘Primrose’

Dream State Primrose

Dream State just refuse to settle, don’t they? Their latest single ‘Primrose‘ has seen the Welsh four piece ascend to a whole new level from March’s ‘Hand In Hand‘.

As with any song, the logical place to begin my analysis of ‘Primrose‘ is at the second verse. Obviously. Second verses are sometimes nothing more than a structural necessity. Not this one.

Singer CJ sounds like an unholy, rabid animal and it’s amazing. The intensity of her performance is completely hypnotising. She is backed up by some properly heavy instrumentation which will blow you away. It’s a blur of fury, energy and passion – exactly what I like to hear from ambitious young bands.

Dream State Primrose

In something of a contrast to that second verse, ‘Primrose”s chorus is an incredibly catchy refrain which blends the pop and punk of pop-punk together perfectly.

The middle eight of the single offers you a brief respite, before CJ’s questioning line “Why do I keep falling back on myself?” pulls you in and drags you to the song’s final climax.

The elements of the single come together exactly how you would expect, and they deliver on every aspect. Little touches like the four beat pause in the middle of the final chorus leave you hanging on, craving even more moments of brilliance.

I think that’s a sure sign of a band really starting to flex their song writing muscles, a band who are ready to take on the world. I don’t know when Dream State will drop their next single or their highly anticipated debut album.

But I do know it will make ‘Primrose‘ look timid. That’s just how the quartet operate: they constantly push themselves to a higher level.

Alongside ‘Primrose‘, the band have also announced their biggest tour to date. And I reckon you should head along to a show, if for no other reason than to witness the carnage that will be this song performed live.

Watch the video for ‘Primrose‘ below.


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