EP Corner: Strange Bones – ‘Blitz Part 1’

Strange Bones Blitz Part 1

Uniqueness is so important in music, very few people find enjoyment in listening to song after song which all sound the same. The issue is, so many bands are churning out songs just like that, with no spark or creativity.

Luckily the Blackpool based brothers who form the four piece Strange Bones are not an example of this: creating genre transcending, high energy techno tunes with an incredibly punky edge and fiery spirit which set them apart from a large amount of other bands.

The EP opens with ‘Vicious’. Edgy vocals layered over distorted beats and deep bass riffs break into a loud crushing chorus which is positively dripping with punk energy. Bobby cries out his views on today’s society, how he feels “On the outside, looking in“. Guitar riffs carry the song to its ending and into another two and a half minutes of techno tinged punk glory titled ‘24 Calibre’.

24 Calibre’ is a synth charged tune, packed with heated guitars and fiery lyrics which show the pure passion and creativity packed into this EP as well as the band’s intense live show, which is influenced by some of the most famous punk bands around. Their energy has taken them on a tour with Frank Carter And The Rattlesnakes as well as festival slots at Reading And Leeds, 2000 Trees and more.

Strange Bones Blitz Part 1

The final track on the EP shows no signs of slowing down. The bold and intense ‘Give Me The Sun’ opens with the same high octane energy channelled throughout the earlier songs. It’s a grungy anthem that screams stamina, confidence and pure power with its chaotic chant of “Give me the sun, show me exactly what you are”.

Bobby speaks bitterly about how “bands love to play it safe, with their music and their live shows” and likes to make it clear what is so special about Strange Bones: “we refuse to be tamed.”



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