Single: Loudmammoth – ‘Let Go’

Loudmammoth Let Go

Loudmammoth‘s new single ‘Let Go‘ is out today, just in time for the arrival of blue skies and sunnier days in Glasgow.

The English trio’s brand of glittering indie pop was well defined on their debut effort ‘Enough‘. This latest release retains that warmth and optimistic sensibility, but takes a more ethereal path to the end destination.

Loudmammoth. Let Go

From the opening bars, layered guitars gently cascade over your ears and playful drum rhythms skip around with a care in the world.

Vocalist Rachel’s sums up the entire feeling of the track with the line “when the sun’s out, let go“. The sentiment is so simple, but utterly compelling and understandable.

It is hard not to slip into a state of peaceful bliss when listening to ‘Let Go‘, but maybe that’s no bad thing. Loudmammoth‘s 90’s revival shoegaze sound almost necessitates your concentration drifts in and out of the music in order to let it wash over you.

Let Go‘ is the perfect accompaniment to any lazy summer afternoon, but it showcases a knack for effortlessly enjoyable songwriting which should serve the band well long after the blue skies and sun disappear.

Listen to ‘Let Go‘ below.


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