EP Corner: Cold Reading – ‘Part 1: Past Perfect’

This week on EP corner we’ve got the first of three articles looking at the upcoming trilogy of EPs being released by Cold Reading in the coming months.

Part 1: Past Perfect is a tantalising glimpse into what the Swiss five piece are capable of. Fans of Jimmy Eat World will feel right at home amongst the soaring choruses, gripping guitars and general battle between hope and despair found in the lyrics.

That conflict of emotions is felt not just lyrically, but instrumentally on tracks such as ‘Past Perfect‘.

The combination of melancholy and aspiration is a very human feeling, and it reverberates from every note and beat. As a listener, you are invited – if not challenged – to explore your own experiences with that conflict.

As the epic closing notes of ‘Escape Plan Blueprint / New Domain‘ drift over you, perhaps most exciting realisation is that this is not the end, but only the beginning of the journey Cold Reading are going to take us on in 2019.

Listen to ‘Part 1: Past Perfect‘ below.


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