Single: Jared Celosse – ‘New Orleans (Esca)

Rarely do artists manage to create such an evocative image as Jared Celosse has on his new single ‘New Orleans (Esca)‘.

Moody pianos, lethargic, dreamy vocals and carefully crafted lyrics paint a perfect picture of silent streets shrouded in a thick night, punctured intermittently by warm, flickering street lamps. It’s a song dedicated to, formed by, the midnight hours.

Just as one might meander down those quiet roads without aim, the composition of Jared’s single seems to wander from gentle piano led verses to choruses which swell with the sound of violins.

Jared Celosse New Orleans (Esca)

There’s something of David Bowie‘s final albums to the way the instrumentation waxes and wanes, accompanied by lyrics which feel spontaneous and instinctive.

The destination for this journey through the inky black streets is just as satisfying as the journey itself. The drums switch to half time in a subtle but powerful crescendo, before the rug is pulled from our feet and the elements of the song fall away. It’s as if the midnight traveler quickens their pace having realised perhaps they need to be somewhere, only to forget where and once again amble off into the night.

Watch the video for ‘New Orleans (Esca)‘ below.

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