Single: I, The Mountain – ‘The Boat’

I, The Mountain The Boat

Summer is just about making an entrance in Glasgow, and with it comes the perfect soundtrack to warmer days: I, The Mountain‘s new single ‘The Boat‘.

The Canada based trio are connoisseurs of breezy indie pop, and this latest release is the pinnacle of that. The tempo finds a perfect balance between being chilled out and sprightly, creating an ideal foundation for a summer anthem.

I, The Mountain The Boat

Building on that tempo, the vocals are catchy and euphoric, incorporating simple refrains and gang vocals to brilliant effect. In fact, while the track sounds on surface level to be fairly simple, that is only possible because of the concerted effort from every band member to create a unified tone and sound.

With tracks like this, it’s easy to see why I, The Mountain have been making waves over in Canada. I can only hope that while the blue skies last here in Scotland, we get a chance to hear more of them.

Check out the video for ‘The Boat‘ below.


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