Single: The Motion Poets – ‘Speak No Evil’

The Motion Poets Speak No Evil

There is no justice in the world. So many artists work hard to create music which is exciting, innovative and engaging. And then The Motion Poets just go and drop an absolute banger like ‘Speak No Evil‘ like it is no biggie.

Frankly, it’s just rude.

Jokes aside, this is genuinely a massive step forward for the Edinburgh based quartet. They’ve shifted direction slightly, leaning into the indie rock, Foals / Catfish & the Bottlemen side of their influences.

The Motion Poets Speak No Evil

The biggest exemplar of that is frontman Jonah Stead’s vocal performance – which is in a whole other league from when last we heard him. The instrumentation supporting him has also come on in leaps and bounds. The performances of Morgan, Struan and Euan feel more mature and focused than on previous singles ‘One Too Many‘ and ‘A Girl Like This‘.

With every listen of ‘Speak No Evil‘ there are more details which blow my mind. The song title being whispered in the background of the choruses is so subtle, but adds so much atmosphere. The rapid opening and shutting of the hi-hat in the final chorus gives the track a climactic urgency without overpowering you.

What else is there to say about ‘Speak No Evil‘? Nothing really, except maybe The Motion Poets should spend some time away to give everyone else a chance at glory. Seriously guys, it’s not fair.

Check out ‘Speak No Evil‘ below.


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