Single: Elliot Lee – ‘Upside Down’

Elliot Lee Upside Down

Listening to Elliot Lee‘s new single ‘Upside Down‘, you immediately feel an affinity for the Brooklyn based artist. The determination and passion oozing from every word she sings makes her instantly likable.

Of course, the lyrical content of this single also make her relatable. ‘Upside Down‘ is all about that feeling of being at rock bottom, dreaming every aspect of your life was the complete opposite. That’s a pretty dark theme, but she manages to spin it to present a message of hope and empowerment.

Elliot Lee Upside Down

The sonic envelope which the message is delivered in certainly helps with that. Elliot Lee blends pop melodies with complex electronic soundscapes. The result is delightful: simultaneously sugary sweet and brooding.

There are some similarities to Scottish singer Be Charlotte, but Lee’s style is definitely darker and more unpredictable, closer maybe to pop sensation Billie Eilish.

It’s a sound which is so fresh and of it’s time. It bodes well for a young artist who it seems isn’t afraid to experiment and distort our expectations to meet her reality.

Check out ‘Upside Down‘ below.


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