Single: IDLES – ‘Mercedes Marxist’

IDLES Mercedes Marxist

From the very first second, I knew ‘Mercedes Marxist‘ was going to be a belter. The latest effort from our favourite lovable rouges, IDLES, the single appeared yesterday out of nowhere.

What do you look for in an IDLES track? Because I guarantee you’ll find it here. The bass and drums march along at an unforgiving pace in perfect unison; the guitars and vocals play off each other in a playful call and response; and the lyrics themselves are simultaneously witty and cutting.

IDLES Mercedes Marxist

Given that the single doesn’t quite slot into the stylings of the band’s first album Brutalism or last year’s stunning Joy As An Act Of Resistance, it perhaps comes as no surprise that it was written between sessions for the two records.

Only now has ‘Mercedes Marxist‘ found shape and form, and I think it’s definitely better for having had time to stew and evolve. The single bridges the divide between the two albums, and acts as a nice way to close the chapter on the band’s emergence. What comes next from this bunch of madcap musicians? Your guess is as good as mine.

Mercedes Marxist‘ will be released in August alongside B-Side ‘I Dream Guillotine‘. Listen to the single below.


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