Single: KEYS – ‘Black and White’

Contrast. Quiet and loud. Tight and loose. Black and white. That’s what this song is all about: contrast. On their latest single, ‘Black and White‘, Welsh band KEYS have weaved the idea of contrast into every beat and note.

The effect is profound and immediate. A quiet, scratchy guitar tone doesn’t last four second before it is interrupted by a sudden burst of noise, a burst which threatens to break free of its restraints throughout the first verse. It goads you, hinting at the chaos to come.

KEYS Black and White

It isn’t until the two minute mark that KEYS‘ taught facade begins to crack. A haunting, piercing guitar solo manages to slip through, offering something less rigid and structured than anything that’s come before.

Once the first trickle of water has broken through the dam, it’s only a matter of time before the full force of water being held back is unleashed. The same principles stands on this single – before you know it you’re neck deep in psychedelic guitar tones and frenetic drum rolls which wash over you before abruptly leaving you stranded and confused. The transformation is complete.

KEYS Black and White

If contrast is the central theme of this single, then it certainly reflects in my feeling towards the song. Beforehand, I was cautiously curious. Now I am blindly smitten. The difference could not be more stark. Night and day. Black and white.


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