Single: Reno McCarthy – ‘Still’

Ohhhhhh boy. The groove. I have found it.

Still‘ is the new single by Monteal based Reno McCarthy, ahead of the release of his debut album Counterglow on the 10th of May. And if ‘Still‘ is anything to go by, we’re in for a real treat come album time.

Anchoring the track from the very beginning is a solid, punchy drum beat, from which a delicious, meandering bass line dances non stop for the entire four minute running time.

Reno McCarthy Still

The ebb and flow of the bass line allows a little space for the guitars to play around in. We’re treated to shimmying riffs and intricate plucked melodies, but the star of the six string show are the screeching solos, which act as a sharp contrast to the rest of the instrumentation.

Lyrically, McCarthy is already showing off a talent for pop vocals. He’s found a lovely balance between gently crooning and a lighter style of delivery where you can feel the words dancing off his tongue – see the way he fires out his “butseeingaseverybody’sfine“.

I’ve fallen in love with this track. It just makes me to want to dance. And I usually try to hide my awful dancing. Why do you do this to me Reno, why?


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