EP Corner: Gloo – ‘Stop And Stare’

Gloo Stop And Stare

Well isn’t this a lovely nugget of sweaty, snarling punk rock? Following their debut album A Pathetic Youth last year, Gloo have just unleashed a seven track EP by the name of Stop And Stare.

And stop and stare you will. The visceral energy and drive exploding from the trio is enough to stop you in your tracks and stare in to the middle distance in awe.

Musically, there isn’t much I can say about this collection of tracks that will do them justice, or change the picture you have of them already in your head. Every beat of the drums is a punch in the gut, the guitars are tight and gripping, the vocals guttural and instinctive. This is just the sound of three guys making a massive racket. Just listen to the EP. You’ll love it.

Gloo Stop And Stare

Behind the music, there is some brilliant thinking. The band is fiercely independent – with no management, label, or booking agent – and they do everything locally and by themselves, right down to the recording of their videos on their phones.

Admirable as it is, that DIY ethos can hold back some bands. Not Gloo. They seem to have turned the perceived limitations of going it alone to their advantage. Take, for example, the video for single ‘Drama Queen‘. With no budget, they’ve made a funny, engaging and effective video simply by taking a screen grab of a phone conversation. Brilliant.

Check out the video for ‘Drama Queen‘ below, and make sure you listen to Stop And Stare to support one of the most enjoyable, exciting independent bands around right now.


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