Single: Mt. Doubt – ‘Unravelling’

Mt. Doubt Unravelling

Edinburgh’s Mt. Doubt have continued their bid to retain the crown of most prolific band in Scotland, with their first release of 2019, a single called ‘Unravelling‘.

The five piece have teamed up with producer and legendary Idlewild guitarist Rod Jones for the track. It’s a move that has done the band a world of good, breathing fresh life into the music with a mind that has spent decades sprinkling magic dust over songs.

Mt. Doubt Unravelling

Despite the wonderful production, it is – as always – the lyrical work of front man Leo Bargery which really shines for Mt. Doubt.

Pushing back against technology’s ever increasing influence on our lives isn’t the most original of topics to tackle. Leo does have a personal approach to it though: rather than simply grumbling in “old man yells at cloud” style, he focuses on the minute miracles we might be missing out on.

And of course, his vocal delivery is as unique as ever. The syllables drift off his tongue and over your ears with a richness and warmth that is unlike any other vocalist active just now.

When I reviewed Mt. Doubt‘s This Must Mean Something Awful EP back in October, I said “if we know anything about Mt. Doubt, it’s that we can look forward to another, even better, collection of songs in six months or so”. And here we are, six months on with another sumptuous bit of songwriting to enjoy. This band keep setting higher and higher standards for themselves, only to break them with ease. Long may that continue.

Listen to ‘Unravelling‘ below.


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