Single: Guide Dog – ‘Generation Y’

Guide Dog Generation Y

There’s a lot to get angry about in the world just now. Just focusing and articulating the frustration many of us feel about our political systems and apathetic outlooks is hard to do, purely because the scale of the task.

Guide Dog have given it a good go though. The band’s single ‘Generation Y‘ is a visceral protest song which takes no prisoners. Over the course of four minutes, they take at the US presidency, climate change deniers, and technology addicts among others.

Guide Dog Generation Y

Behind the anger is a seriously catchy tune. Split between choruses dragged along by ferocious riffs and funky, shoe tapping verses, the track manages to convince you to join its cause by virtue of its musical ingenuity. It’s Franz Ferdinand meets Blur, with a touch of The Clash‘s penchant for the obscure thrown in.

There might not be a lot to like in our world right now, but where there are attempts to make change, there is hope. And after listening to ‘Generation Y‘, I certainly feel like we still have that.


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