Single: Arms Akimbo – ‘Cruel Lovers’

Arms Akimbo Cruel Lovers

Ah nineties garage rock. Pulsating bass lines, stomping drum beats, gritty guitars and lust filled lyrics. Simpler times.

I was transported back to that era of music when I heard Arms Akimbo‘s new single ‘Cruel Lovers‘. You can pick out touches of bands like ‘Jimmy Eat World‘ as well as more contemporary influences like ‘Catfish & the Bottlemen‘, in a heady mix which is an absolute pleasure to listen to.

The verses are devastatingly groovy, ensnaring you in a rhythm you can’t help but move to. The chorus is catchy and memorable, destined to be sung back to the band by huge crowds.

Cruel Lovers‘ is the first single taken from Arms Akimbo‘s upcoming EP Seven Dollar Paycheck. On the strength of the evidence presented here, it’s sure to be one to keep an eye out for when it is released this coming Friday (19th April).

Check out ‘Cruel Lovers‘ below.


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