Single: Super Inuit – ‘Tectonic’

Super Inuit Tectonic

How do you make a song sound both intimate and expansive at the same time?

On their new single ‘Tectonic‘, Edinburgh based electronic pop duo Super Inuit seem to have cracked the formula. The song’s minimalist composition gives brings you right up close to the music, most notably in the case of the mesmerising drum beat which puslates without falter for the entire three minutes.

Super Inuit Tectonic

Conversely, some of the synthesizer tones drift over your ears like clouds in a huge open sky. There is no rush or urgency to them, but yet they have purpose and patient movement.

You sense that with two very different things happening, that really ‘Tectonic‘ shouldn’t work. It should be confused and murky. But Super Inuit have pulled everything together flawlessly, resulting in a beautiful single which becomes all the more beguiling every time you listen to it.

Check out the video for ‘Tectonic‘ below.


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