Messimer – ‘Loose’ / ‘Morning’ / ‘I’m Not A Fool’


They say that good things come in threes. If you believe that then the news that Idaho band Messimer have just released a trio of singles over the past month should make you very excited!

Messimer Loose

The first of these is ‘Loose‘, a real feel good indie track full which evokes summer days under the vast blue skies of Idaho. There’s a lot to love for fans of old school rock’n’roll here – rollicking guitars, stomping rhythms and some catchy lyrics.

After ‘Loose‘ is ‘Morning Thought‘, which has more of a gentle country vibe to it. The song – like its predecessor – feels rooted in the plains and mountains of the band’s home.

Messimer Morning Thought

Finally, we have ‘I’m Not A Fool‘, which immediately stands out due to its seven minute run time. That’s a lot of time to fill without unnecessary waffle.

The initial signs are good, with the first few minutes hosting a Foo Fighters-esque style, the highlight of which is a really nice bass guitar riff. It’s relaxing stuff, endlessly enjoyable to listen to.

Messimer I'm Not A Fool

Three minutes in, and we transition to a more flowing, liquid sound where the notes seem to cascade off the guitars. After that the band again switch to a chunkier, blues feel. Lovely guitar flicks add some spice to a gritty riff, and the refrain of “I’m not a fool” is introduced. That repeated lyric acts as the foundation for the instrumentation to blossom, and we are carried home in style on the back of the line.

Messimer have certainly delivered on the promise of good things coming in threes. Each of these singles showcases a different aspect to the band’s personality, giving them a platform to become whatever they choose in the future.


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