Single: Zinnia – ‘Bullets’

Zinnia Bullets

I find that it is rare for a song to haunt you for days on end. But after just one listen, Zinnia‘s new single ‘Bullets‘ was stuck with me, its beauty, power and pain ringing in my ears without mercy.

Zinnia is the art pop project of Toronto based artist Rachael Cardiello, who has soaked this track with the emotion of personal experience, weariness in the face of adversity, and just a hint of eternal hope.

Zinnia - Bullets

It’s a mixture which left me blown away. She’s managed to find a perfect balance in the instrumentation and lyrics which reflect each other as they flow from moments of intimacy to soaring, desperate choruses.

Bullets‘ is a song which feels like a lifetime in the making for Cardiello. Every moment of horror, inequality, frustration and despair has been gathered, processed and released in a cathartic six minute epic.

You might come away from that six minutes hurting, or with renewed determination to make the world a better place, but one thing is for sure: you will definitely come away stunned by the beauty Zinnia had created.

You can listen to ‘Bullets‘ below.


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