Single: The LaFontaines – ‘All In’

This is a big one. New music from The LaFontaines is always exciting, but with drummer Jamie Keenan taking on vocals for the first time, the stakes are higher than ever.

First impressions are good. Despite dropping from a four to a three piece, the band have retained the tongue-in-cheek swagger which makes them so appealing. The instrumentation is vibrant and pulsating. Kerr Okan’s rapping is as slick as ever.

The LaFontaines All In

All ears are on Jamie though. In order to let him acclimatise to singing and drumming simultaneously, his vocal parts often take place during stripped back or simplified sections of the song. While it makes his balancing act easier, it also really puts his vocal performance in the spotlight.

Under that glare, I think he’s done a superb job. His singing style is earthier and less polished than The LaFontaines‘ previous vocalists, but I think that suits the band’s man of the people, down to earth vibe perfectly.

After two vocalist changes, most bands would probably consider throwing in the towel. But The LaFontaines seem to have gained fresh impetus from this tumultuous period. With the three remaining members giving their all on this latest single, I’m excited to see what the next chapter holds for them.

Check out the video for ‘All In‘ below.


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