Single: The Black Keys – ‘Lo/Hi’

It’s been five long years since we heard anything new from The Black Keys, but they have finally given us an insight into what they’ve been up to.

After 2014’s slightly flat record, Turn Blue, ‘Lo/Hi‘ is a real return to form for the American duo. Whereas their last album played it quite safe, this single is instantly more daring and groovy, with a real dirty, Seasick Steve blues feel to it.

Key to that is Dan Auerbach’s fuzzy guitar tone and Patrick Carney’s trademark drumming style which alternates between being crisp and precise in the verses of the song but joyfully sloppy in the choruses.

The Black Keys Lo/Hi

The first couple of minutes are quite understated, giving the vocals, guitars and drums space to move around in. Things are stepped up a notch for the climactic moment of the single, Auerbach’s screeching guitar solo. He flexes his guitar playing muscles and fires out a solo which will have you dusting off your air guitar in seconds.

Check out the video for ‘Lo/Hi‘ below.


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