Single: Mr. Ted – ‘Muscle Milk’

Mr. Ted Muscle Milk

Sometimes the music industry takes itself a little too seriously. With that in mind, it was a great relief to have Merseyside band Mr. Ted come across my desk with their new single ‘Muscle Milk‘.

The video for this song is, lets be honest, silly. And I love it. Goodbye moody stares into the middle distance. Goodbye artistically shot lens flare and silhouetted guitar solos. Hello regurgitating milk in an alley, wrapped in a blanket. It’s a lot of fun to watch.

Mr. Ted Muscle Milk

It’s all well and good having a laugh with your music, but without some musical talent it can seem a bit desperate. Thankfully, Mr. Ted have the skill to back up their antics.

This is a song filled with Nirvana-esque grunge riffs which will stick with you far longer than the visual tomfoolery.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch the video for ‘Muscle Milk‘ below.


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