EP Corner: Harry Heart – ‘First Endorphin’

Harry Heart is only twenty four. Twenty four and he’s already been touring for ten years. His new EP, First Endorphin puts every second of that experience to use. The songwriting is measured, articulate, and very mature for a man of his age.

First Endorphin opens with ‘Apollo’, which feels like a heavily autobiographical song detailing some of the trials of performing non stop for a decade. When Harry sings “I’ve been doing this a very long time” there’s a weariness to his voice that says a lot, and the chorus lists of the phrases Harry hears every night that have become meaningless. Musically, he does well to never over saturate the track with too much instrumentation. The layers of the song are sparse, but have room to echo off each other.

Harry Heart First Endorphin Review

Twenty Five’ is a far more upbeat effort, a song for fans of Bombay Bicycle Club or Catfish and the Bottlemen. The snappy guitars in the verses are a delight to listen to, and blend into more expansive riffs for the choruses. The guitar solo sits slightly at odds to the rest of the song. However I think it’s jarring effect is premeditated, and excellent. It keeps you on your toes, making sure you’re still paying attention.

The tone changes completely once again on ‘Blue Phases’, thought the standard of performance is still top notch. Harry is testament to the fact that sometimes one voice and one guitar is a stunning, unparalleled combination. The synth (or keyboard, something electronic at least) pattern in the chorus helps to paint a crystal clear image of the moon and stars gliding silently over an inky night sky.

The last track is ‘Ninety Six’, which has a loose, effortlessness to it which as another musician, I am envious of Harry Heart for capturing so well. Harry’s vocals are absolutely recognisable as belonging to 2018, they have that melodic but playful quality you hear from Tom Grennan and Tom Walker.

Harry Heart packs a lot into just four songs here. He tries different genres, experiments with different vocal and musical techniques in a short space of time. That could easily have resulted in an EP which was aimless and disjointed. But Harry’s soothing voice ties everything together, giving First Endorphin a warmth and confidence that is contagious.


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