EP Corner: The Ninth Wave – ‘Never Crave Attention’

The Ninth Wave have been making plenty of, well, waves recently in the Scottish music scene. With their new EP Never Crave Attention now out, we took a listen to work out if they have crashed upon the shore of success.

The EP kicks off with lead single ‘New Kind Of Ego‘, which is a brooding, pop-noir belter with call backs to Joy Division and the wider post-punk scene. The choruses are bold and catchy, the verses tight and atmospheric. Every note and beat has poise and direction, and it all leads to the climactic outro. The guitars warp and the vocals echo around your ears in a calm before the storm moment before crashing cymbals drag you across the finishing line with exhilarating pace.

Next up is ‘Collapsible People‘, which is less complex but has an infectious chorus hook and tempo sure to get crowds moving. The riffs are driving and perfectly complimented by the softer synth parts, the two instruments combining to create a punk attitude with a pop caress.

Swallow Me‘ begins with a mysterious percussive intro which sets the tone for a slightly more downbeat song with some early Editors vibes. The track is sparse in its instrumentation, making the most of the empty moments for vocal delivery and effects. The middle eight takes this to the next level, reducing the song to simple chords played on each beat to build tension, before we are reintroduced to the chorus via a captivating drum rhythm.

The last song on Never Crave Attention is ‘We Can’t Go Anywhere Else‘. Once again, The Ninth Wave prove themselves to be writers of fantastic choruses which soar and glide between taut and tense verses. The outro is a fitting end to the EP, driving and reaching for new heights as it barrels towards the climax, only to be snatched away a bar or two before the song feels truly ready to wind up. I enjoy that sensation of the carpet whipped from under my feet here – it’s the perfect way to leave the listener begging for more.

On Never Crave Attention, The Ninth Wave display a real proficiency and confidence for songwriting. Backed by exciting live performances, all the evidence is present to suggest that the four piece can go a long way with these songs. It’s fair to say that not only has The Ninth Wave‘s hype wave hit the shore, the tide is now in and it doesn’t look to be going out again any time soon.


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