EP Corner: Kid Kapichi – ‘Lucozade Dreams’

Kid Kapichi Group Shot1

Defining your own sound which channeling your influences can be difficult for many emerging bands. Some never manage it properly. This isn’t the case for Kid Kapichi though. On their new EP Lucozade Dreams, the Hastings based quartet strike a balance between the bands they admire and the band they want to be.

The EP is a cocktail of swaggering rock riffs and vicious punk energy, with a few catchy pop hooks thrown in for good measure. It’s a cocktail that is sweet to taste.

Cinderella’ has a distinct Royal Blood feel to it – driving drums and barely restrained guitars in the verse which are unleashed in the choruses. The finale of the song is where Kid Kapichi put their own stamp on the sound though – via a soaring guitar solo which ties everything together.

Kid Kapichi - Lucozade Dreams

The next track is ‘Puppet Strings’ which takes the no nonsense punk approach of bands such as Idles and matches them to an insanely catchy chorus hook which is sure to have you head banging for days.

Penultimate song ‘Jack Jones’ takes the EP in another direction – this time we meld the blues vibes of Band of Skulls in the instrumentation with vocals that actually remind me of The 1975. It doesn’t sound like something that should work but it really does, and this might be the highlight of the EP for me.

Lucozade Dreams hits a crescendo with ‘Machine Men’, which spends about two and a half minutes gently bubbling and brooding away before erupting in to a cacophony of guitars, piano, drums and vocals; leaving you exhausted and exhilarated, begging for more.

This is a really impressive effort from Kid Kapichi – to bring so many distinct genres together successfully is no mean feat. The band have managed to do in such a way that they create their own sound that is really enjoyable and memorable.


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