Welcome to Sounds Like…

Here We Are Then

Hi there. This is Sounds Like…, a Glasgow based music blog. We try not to restrict ourselves to any one genre of artist, but I’m sure the blog will settle itself in to a comfy niche at some point.

Sounds Like… was founded in January 2018 purely for the joy of sharing music with other people. There’s not much structure to the whole site, we’ll simply be reviewing music as and when it is released. We’ll try to keep you up to date with any musical news we think is interesting, chat about any gigs we go to, and might interview musicians from time to time. It should all be good fun.

Whats Coming Up?

Sounds Like… will be kicking off properly very shortly – expect our first reviews to drop from the 20th of January.

The headline piece will be a review of The Xcerts‘ new album Hold On To Your Heart. To say we’re excited for that album is an understatement. The Brighton based, Aberdeen born trio have been putting out solid gold albums for years, and while the 80s vibes on their latest singles are a big twist to their usual output, what we’ve heard so far seems set to continue the trend of excellent records from the band.

We’ll also be having a listen to the new Fall Out Boy album, Mania. The pop-punk legends from Chicago have certainly diversified their sound over the last couple of albums, so we’re intrigued to see what they produce this time round.

Later in the month, Sounds Like… will be reviewing the eponymous comeback album from The Dangerous Summer. These guys certainly knew how to write a silky smooth songs back in their prime, so any new material has a high bar to reach.

Loose Ends

That’s what in the calendar for January 2018, and from there we’ll play it by ear.

Get in touch if you want to have us listen to and potentially review your music – soundslikeblog@outlook.com.

Cheers for reading!



  1. Good luck with your new blog! My favourite new band is Australian……cause we live here….it’s called Boo Seeker. Have a listen!


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